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  1. frankvw

    Wort/trub filtration and sanitation

    After full grain brewing for years I have now begun to experiment with recipes based on extract and steeped grains in a partial boil. You know the drill: you make a small volume (1 gal. or so) of wort from some extract and steeped grains, making sure it has the same gravity as the OG of the...
  2. Byrdbrewer

    Sanitizing with onestep.

    Sanitizing with onestep. I have a question concerning the use of onestep – I like the fact that it’s a no rinse cleaner, fairly safe, and easy storage, but I seem to go through it very fast. Does anyone know if one step can be effective if mixed in a bottle and sprayed on the equipment rather...
  3. A

    Hydrometer accident

    I accidentally used my hydrometer in my fermenting bin without sanitising it. The beer is at it FG and I have only used the hydrometer once before and it was rinsed afterwards. Will it have contaminated my brew?