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  1. M

    Didn't sanitize kettle spigot before transferring to fermemter

    I had a buddy over and we made a batch. He's a blabbermouth so I was distracted and forgot to sanitize the kettle spigot before transferring to fermemter. I keep kettle very clean and normally run PBW through spigot after each brew. How worried should I be about infection?
  2. B

    Bottle: What's this and why won't it come off?

    So I cracked one of my Dubbels after 2 weeks carbonation to see how they're getting on. And after rinsing and shaking right after, oxi cleaner soak with brush inside after even attempted a dishwasher I can't get these marks off. It's like cloudy white specs but in rings then goes up with gaps...
  3. BryanEBIAB

    Easy Extra Sanitization Tip

    I’m not sure who needs to hear this but well worth it, especially for new brewers. I try to brew regularly but sometimes life intervenes and my beer sits around a less-than-ideally-clean basement for a little too long. A little splash of brew on my fermenter bucket can become a disgusting...
  4. J

    Is this beer off?

    Hello, i recently started fermenting a brown ale and after the 8th day i took a sample using the tap on my fermenting bucket to see the specific gravity. Along with the beer a small amount of what looked like gelatinous fluff also poured into the cup, its hard to explain what this looked like...
  5. H

    Non-diluted StarSan in fermenter bucket

    Hi, Just bottled my first batch of a Juicy IPA recipe. For sanitizing my fermenter I used non-diluted StarSan (30-60 ml I reckon) and used rubber gloves to distribute it in the bottom and sides of the bucket. I have later realized that this was a mistake and that the StarSan should be diluted...
  6. Midgardmiller13

    White whispy mead sediment after fermentation

    Hey guys, my last three batches of mead have turned up with this weird looking yeast post ferment and it smells very sour. I haven't run into this problem with the last 10 gallons I've made though. I was wondering if anybody has run into problems like this. I don't think it infected as I'm very...
  7. V

    Storing BLC / Storing it cold

    In an effort to be more on top of cleaning my lines I am thinking about storing two smaller kegs I have, one filled with BLC and one filled with Starsans (Distilled Water solution) in my keezer. If I did this I was wondering if: 1. Does BLC hold up for long term storage in a keg? Probably...
  8. Iowa Brewer

    Yeast Starter Cold-Crash Suction

    Hi all! About to cold crash a German lager yeast-starter in my fermentation chamber to get ready for brew day. Do any of you worry about sanitation with the suction that is created by cooling it down? Should I do something to protect the little yeasties from bugs? Thanks!
  9. Trey Ark

    Mouse Poo and Apples...

    Hey Everyone, I've been busy with multiple brews, college, and work. I left some of my favorite apples in the garage, meaning to use them the next day but life happened and they've sat out there. I've thrown out the rotting ones and found some mouse poop in one of my boxes. I have another box...
  10. B

    Are my beer lines still OK to use?

    Hi everyone! I have a kegerator and I have not cleaned the beer lines for around 1.5 months. The lines have had either CO2, beer or a mixture of the two inside the entire time (no air) and have been refrigerated at 3.5C (no room temperature). I was wondering whether I can still use the lines if...
  11. piojo

    Which plastic are auto-siphons made of, and how am I destroying them? (Bottling wands also)

    I've damaged an auto-siphon (the inner racking cane part) and two bottling wands. They've all developed a milky white coating on the inside (chalky looking) within a few days after using them. The auto-siphon also crazed noticeably. I sanitized them in iodophor (not homebrewing iodophor but...
  12. F

    How often to use PBW for keg

    Hi! I just recently started kegging (yes, it is awesome!). I was wondering how often you guys clean with PBW (or equivalent)? Is it before every new batch of beer you keg or like every 10:th? Will it suffice to rinse it out good and even give it a good scrub with a brush and then use SaniClean...
  13. Iowa Brewer

    Lid popped off carboy blow tube

    Hey all, Doing my first big gravity beer Got home from an evening out, and saw the lid on my big mouth bubbler popped up a smidgen and a tiny bit of wort spilled over the edge. And no bubbling in the Starsan jug. I tightened the lid back and weighted it down, and the blow tube is bubbling...
  14. piojo

    How long is PAA sanitizer good for after dilution?

    I assume it will vary by brand, but how long is peracetic acid sanitizer likely to keep its strength after being diluted for use as a no-rinse sanitizer? I imagine it will go bad as the hydrogen peroxide degrades and the equilibrium balance ensures that there is also less PAA in solution. Has...
  15. Iowa Brewer

    Sanitize HEPA Aeration Filter?

    Hey all, I'm about to use an aquarium aeration device for first time and am sanitizing. Can I put the whole tube, HEPA filter included, into my starsan bucket? Will that ruin it? Thanks!
  16. Devin Wagner

    Cleaning for Diastaticus Infection

    Howdy: My last 7 batches have all been either finishing 50% lower than what was scheduled and/or all the bottles have been gushing. I realized that this has all been since I used a French Saison yeast. I consider myself a pretty sanitary brewer, but does anyone have any recommendations on how...
  17. Messir_Woland

    Prepare your stones o' you gentiles! (or my experience with hydrogen peroxide)

    A while ago I came across a spectacular video where two gentlemen discussed the problem of home brew equipment disinfection. After watching hundreds and thousands of uniform youtube videos on the equipment sanitation, I found their material to be quite authentic. The gentlemen turned out to be...
  18. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Sanitizer Question

    Hi All, I've heard things from friends but i wanted to run this by everyone on here. I have friends who swear that you can save the sanitizer for 2 weeks until you're ready to bottle (he stores it in a 5 gallon keg) and i've heard never to save sanitizer (at my local brew supply store). I guess...
  19. L

    Is this started contaminated?

    Hello everyone, For the first time I top cropped yeast, and decided to make a started before putting the yeast in the fridge. As I still don't have a stirplate, I was frequently swirling the erlenmeyer. Fermentation was quick and great, but when I woke up (meaning didn't swirl it for lile...
  20. thisissami

    Whooops... sanitization + cider question

    Hi Everybody! I'm fermenting my first batch of cider right now, and ****ed up my sanitization in a number of ways. The primary way in which I screwed up was that I felt weird about pouring my fresh apple juice (that I juiced myself!) into containers full of sanitary foam, and accordingly...