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  1. HeadyG

    Where to buy Samuel Smith-style 12 oz bottles?

    I've got an imperial chocolate stout in my fermenter and I'd love to bottle it in style. I'm really enamored with the distinctive shape of Samuel Smith's 355 ML bottles, and I'm wondering if it's possible to buy similar bottles anywhere. Of course I'm saving all the ones I drink but it's taking...
  2. M

    Fixing / Improving a weak batch to a GREAT batch - aka Beer Rescue

    DON'T THROW OUT THAT WEAK BEER!!!! RE-BREW IT! I had fantastic results using this method. I think variations of this method it could work with almost any style, whether all-grain or extract, as long as you use an alcohol-tolerant yeast. I organize group extract brewings in garages, up to 5 or...