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  1. Chorgey

    Brewing salts (and a pH question)

    I'm new at water chemistry and have some questions. I'm doing BIAB, not sure if this changes the answers. When do you add brewing salts? To the strike water before turning on the heat? I've read that someone adds salt the night before brewing. Is there a tried and true way to mix/dissolve the...
  2. Michael Schepflin

    Salt Additions in Kettle not Mash

    I have a quick question, when adding salts to kettle instead of the mash (for flavor instead of adjustments) should I add at the beginning or end of boil? If for beginning of boil, do I calculate for boil-off and add more salts? Say calculate for 7 gallons instead of 5? I feel like end of boil...
  3. O

    Higher Sulfate than Chloride NEIPA

    So I've made a handful of NEIPA's and I've always used a higher chloride to sulfate ratio. I've never been thrilled with the results so I'm thinking of using more sulfate than chloride in my next batch while also trying to keep the calcium low as calcium is known to increase hardness in water...
  4. Washington_Brewologist

    I'm using EZ water and have a question about mash PH.

    So I'm trying to start using brewing salts on brew day and started using the EZ water spreadsheet alongside beersmith to help guide me. I seem to have everything worked out in terms of which salts to add and their quantities. I'm wondering if you guys agree with the dude at my LHBS when he said...
  5. C

    Water Adjustments - Using Distilled Water and Salts

    In EZWaterCalculator the 'Mash + Sparge Water Profile' seems to be unaffected by the sparge water if I set the sparge water to 100% distilled or RO water. For example, 3.125 gal strike water 100% distilled with 5g calcium gives a calcium ppm of 115. If I then enter 3.375 gal sparge 100%...
  6. N

    Help me design better mineral water

    Hello all, I am on a quest to build better tasting mineral water. San Pellegrino-ish is my goal. I have all the usual mineral salts from beer brewing. Based on my starting point below, what do you think is my best bet for additions scaled to 18.93L / 5 US gallon Corny keg?