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  1. Beerisgud

    Homemade Sake + Making Koji Rice

    Hey guys, I decided to give making sake a try and document it to reference for future batches, learn along the way, and maybe help others get a start. I really enjoy the taste of the drink and hope to make this a routine in the wintertime like they do in Japan. It’s all about temperature...
  2. J

    Brewing Sake for Beginners

    Hello everyone! Sake is a delicious drink that is drenched in history, strict tradition and touted as having a process that is riddled with complicated steps that is hard to follow. This makes good traditional Sake making a hard brew hobby to get into. I want to help you dive into the process...
  3. hollabes1

    Rice Steamer for Sake

    I'm hoping to dip my toes into sake brewing (in a big way). This seems like great instructions for the sake process: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/how-to-brew/make-sake-home/ The recipe states that you need a steamer that can steam 15 lbs of rice at once in 2 levels. Does anyone have...
  4. D

    Dry or soaked koji for rice wine

    I'm about to make rice wine by mixing koji to steamed rice. I bought koji in the form of this rice that already contains koji. I still can't figure out if I have to mix dry koji to steamed rice of if I have to soak the koji first. Thanks