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  1. M

    Fermenting Under pressure to finish off faster?

    Hi all, My beer has been fermenting for 1 week. No more blow-off tube activity "bubbles". OG was 1.050 and Just took gravity readings : 1.020 with the hydrometer. Next, it's a Saison yeast, so active at higher temp but it stays in a 22-23C environment, so it should be enough for it I believe...
  2. pharaohpierre

    Thoughts on Saison/Farmhouse Yeast

    Hey everyone, I have a few years of brewing under my belt, but I have never tried to brew a saison and I love that style of beer. I was thinking of doing a dry, slightly peppery and citrus version with maybe some hop presence to it as well since I am a hop head. Either way, it doesn't have to be...
  3. yungalb

    How much fresh ginger root in a saison?

    Hello everybody. I am looking to brew a ginger saison, had one at a local pub awhile ago that I thought was amazing. I am thinking of adding fresh ginger root grinded with a grater at flame out. How much do you think I should add? I have been looking all around the internet but I have not found...
  4. JAReeves

    Vintners Harvest Apricot

    Greetings! So I added 1-#10 can of Vintner's Harvest ApricotFruit Wine Base to 5 gallons of saison. I am trying to figure out how much alcohol this is going to add once it ferments out. The can is listed at approximately 1.0237 (6 Brix). My measurement of the liquid in the can showed it at...
  5. nay3oni

    How much hibiscus for color?

    I'm going to brew a pale, session, table saison (4% abv) but red. So, I was wondering, how and how much hibiscus to add to a 5gal batch just for color without being overpowering. I was thinking 3oz at flameout would do the job but I've read different opinions and results on the color. Maybe...
  6. H

    Co-Pitch Saison Yeast Quantity

    Will be brewing a new saison this weekend (recipe below). Curious if anyone has experience w/ Mangrove Jack's French Saison yeast? Plan is a co pitch with Imperial Rustic and a small portion of the french. Specifically looking for opinions of the amount of french to use since french can take...
  7. D

    Cucumber mint saison recipe—help?

    Given that summertime is upon us, i have decided to throw together a nice refreshing saison, but seeing as I have never made my own before, I would like some help with the recipe(also any opinions or suggestions are very welcomed). I am putting together a cucumber mint saison. Here is the...
  8. BrewersJourney

    Following a Flagship Saison Recipe from a LHBS

    Link to Homebrewing a SFBC – Lando Saison Short Finger Brewing Co. is part homebrew store and part brewery and they make the recipe for their flagship saison public. So I figured I would give it a go myself and in doing so discovered one of my favourite saison recipes of all time!
  9. Dgallo

    Beer Log #1 - First Wild Mix Fermentation

    So I am planning on starting my own small Wild/Sour project; I've really gotten into the broad style over the past few years thanks to Suarez Family Brewing and Plan Bee brewing, both relatively local to me. So in honor of launching, I figured I'd document my first Mixed Fermented Belgian...
  10. M

    Help me out with a Saison recipe :).

    Hey guys! I brewed some IPA-s and APA-s but i still kinda new in the brewing scene. Since the weather is warmer my base yeasts went out from fashion until autumn. (Safale US 04-05). Ive decided to brew a saison so ive ordered a package of Safale Saison BE 134. I have wheat malt, cara belge...
  11. milleniarist

    My first bottle bomb (bottle conditioning with honey)

    I've been homebrewing for more than four years, almost always conditioning in the bottle with priming sugar and yesterday I had my first bottle exploding. I went through my notes several times and I have no clue how this could happen. Here are some details: The beer was a saison fermented with...
  12. J

    Saison ester fade?

    I've been perfecting, or at least attempting to perfect my Saison recipe for nearly 2 years now. Something I've started to notice is that a week or 2 after it's fully bottle conditioned, the esters seem to be much less prominent than when it was young. Also, when young, the phenols seem to be at...
  13. TNJake

    Saison on leftover yeast from Belgian Tripel?

    So brewed a Belgian Tripel 2 weeks ago with a double smack pack of 3787. Temps were between 74 and 82 the whole time. OG was 1.065. This tripel reached 1.004 a couple of days ago and I thought, "hey, can I reuse this for a variation of my high grav saison? (8.5%) As I understand it, overpitching...
  14. C

    Categorizing a Beer Competition Entry

    Hi All, I'm entering my first beer competition and I need some help defining the entry. I'm entering a Pumpkin Ale (yeah I know but it's all I had ready in time). Under normal circumstances I would expect to enter under 30B Autumn Seasonal Beer. My issue is I used a Saison yeast to get a...
  15. Stand

    Dark Belgian Saison Advice

    This my first crack at a Dark Belgian Saison for the winter months. I want something drinkable, but flavorful. 3711 and 530 are two of my favorite yeasts, but I've never used them together. If anyone sees anything obviously silly about my recipe I'd love some advice. Thanks! Recipe: Alarum...
  16. LTBradley

    Strawberry Ginger Saison

    Greetings! I've been researching recipes and guides for a strawberry saison I'm looking to brew for a competition in 2020. I'm very much still in the planning stage right now, but I'd like some ideas about using ginger and honey with this recipe. Currently, I'm working off a recipe that I found...
  17. cmac62

    Lemon Pepper Saison recipe thoughts

    Okay, my idea is to do a lemon and black pepper saison. 6 lb pils or 2 row .5 lb crystal 60 .5 lb white wheat malt 1 oz styrian goldings 60 1 oz Styrian goldings 10 2 lemons worth of zest & 2 g black pepper corns crushed in vodka tincture added at bottling WLP566 yeast. Any thoughts, idea's...
  18. H

    17# of cherries, now what?

    Ended up at a farm with cherries for 1$/pound so I left with 17 pounds of cherries. Majority are bings which are incredibly juicy, but I also got about 6-7 pounds of sour pie cherries. I know I want to rack a sour on these eventually and also will split up some of the 5 gallons of mead I have...
  19. H

    Saison + Kveik Delay Pitch

    Been doing many beers with Kveik yeast lately, specifically been using what was previously "Eastern WA Kveik Blend" from Imperial and is now available as the seasonal "Kveiking." VLike the blend a lot; been using about 1 tsp of slurry per 5.5 gal batch and fermenting ~95-98F. This beer is...
  20. Albionwood

    Oats & Heather Saison

    Brewing this today. Comments welcome! Title: Leann Fraoch Brew Method: All Grain Style Name: Experimental Beer Boil Time: 15 min Batch Size: 20 liters (fermentor volume) Boil Size: 21 liters Boil Gravity: 1.051 Efficiency: 75% (brew house) FERMENTABLES: 2.25 kg - Golden Promise (38.5%) [had to...