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  1. Sbe2

    Coconut Porter w/ Sabro

    Thinking about doing a coconut porter and looking to use Sabro in the dry hop along with dried coconuts. Am I crazy? I have a half a pound of it left and would like to experiment with it a bit.
  2. K

    New Hop Combos

    I wanted to start a thread about new hop combos. I purchased Bru-1, Sabro, and Strata recently and was having trouble finding hop combos that had been done with these hops, other than the NEIPA Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic combos. I brewed an APA this week with Sabro and Strata. I heard Sabro has...
  3. M

    Pairing WLP644 with Sabro

    Hi! Was thinking lately about recipe for some tropical influenced IPA with coconut and pineapple flavor (pina colada). Has anyone of you tried making one using WLP644 (to get pineapple) and single hop Sabro (for coconut)? I think it should work if balanced in a proper way. Any advices appreciated.