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  1. T

    Connecticut Brew Magic by Sabco $3,500 (Stamford, CT)

    Gently Used Brew Magic brewing system from Sabco. Always brewed in an insulated garage, and won many homebrewing medals, including the coveted gold medal from the AHA’s National Homebrewers Competition. NG (natural gas) ready but can by converted to Propane (will included the parts). Brew...
  2. eomeyers

    Texas Houston - Sabco Brew Magic V350MS (2014), Blichmann 14gal Fermenator, all tri clamp fittings, stand up freezer w/digital controller. $5000 pickup only

    Fermenator fits perfectly inside standup freezer for spot on fermentation temps. 5k includes Blichmann Therminator (& homemade backflow cleaning valve arrangement) & march pump. Got married, had kids, no time to brew anymore... various other equipment available, make me an offer: Tri tap...
  3. L

    Huge Sabco RIMS Homebrew/Pilot System for Sale - Pickup Evans, GA

    This homebrew system consist of three 15.5 gallon vessels - a mash tun, hot liquor tank, and kettle for producing up to 10 gallons of finished beer. The system is connected with super sanitary 1/2" tri-clamp connections for easy assembly, disassembly and clean up. This system is ideal for...
  4. O

    Texas Sabco Brew Magic System For Sale - $3500

    Austin/Round Rock Area- Pickup Only -Full Sabco Brew Magic system - with instructions, original receipts, Natural Gas hookup (with ability to switch to propane) -2 Tri-Lock Fermenters -Chill Wizard Pump -Grain Mill - 4 Pin Lock Kegs -Misc brew equipment (Iodophor, bottles, various...
  5. D

    Brew Rig - SABCO 1 BBL Brew Setup

    Got this used Sabco Brew rig that was upgraded with 1bbl Blichmann kettles. Waiting on my two 1bbl SS Brewtech BME Unitanks and Glycol machine to arrive in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to brew on this baby. Cheers! Boiling Equipment: 1bbl Blichmann BK Fermentation Vessels and Equipment: Two...
  6. H

    Texas SABCO Brew-Magic V350MS - includes plate chiller and brite tank - LIKE NEW

    Purchased in 2017, brewing system used only twice, plate chiller once, brite tank never used. Except for heat-damaged brew kettle volume indicator (easily replaceable), like new condition. Expected to use the system to develop a new beverage concept, then quickly switched to simpler floor-burner...
  7. J

    Sabco ChillWizard System — Chiller/ pump/ aeration assembly

    These kits retail for around $1,000. I'd like to get $500 + shipping/ Paypal fees. This has been used very little and is in great condition. Please PM me if you have any questions or would like additional pictures via text. Please check out Sabco's description for more info...
  8. R

    Sabco For Sale - Virginia

    Now that we will have two pilot breweries, it is time to part with my 2009 Sabco Brew-Magic. Brew magic includes: - Brewing System - Sabco Fermenter - Chill Wizard - Brewing Hose - Associated Parts The system is in storage at Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet, VA. It is possible to arrange a time to...
  9. PeteSeattle

    Brew Systems: Spike, Blichmann, Sabbco

    Hello brewers. I’m hoping to get some advice from those with a similar experience looking to upgrade one’s brew system but would love advice as to what system people chose and why. I’ve been brewing since the late 90s with my Home Depot cooler and keggles. All on a makeshift stand of plywood...
  10. jaybowbeer

    Sabco Brewmagic Nano-Brewery - Dallas, Tx.

    -1 Sabco Brewmagic 10 gallon brew house with tri-clamp connectors. Includes electric conversion kit with separate boil kettle and march pump. -Rapids four tap stainless steel keg dispenser (fits 12 Cornelius kegs). -20 used Cornelius kegs (2 need repair) -4 Big Mouth Bubblers with lids (2...
  11. LymanBrewing

    Michigan The Purge - SABCO Brew Magic V350MS, heated/cooled Fermenters and More

    Culling the herd...I quit drinking and my need for all this beer making equipment has diminished greatly. My loss is your gain! I'm selling the following as a package deal. I have good pics of the SABCO and 14 gal fermenter, but haven't taken very high quality pictures of the rest of the...
  12. C

    Ohio Sabco Brew Magic v350ms

    I bought this system used 3 years ago thinking I'd brew with it for a while and use it as a pilot system for our upcoming brewery, but decided to go with a full 1bbl system instead. Looking to part with it for $3000, pick up only. Located in Perrysburg OH The system is in great shape, has all...