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  1. TheOriginalDBS

    Does excess bitterness fade over extended aging?

    Hey Everyone! Long time reader of this forum, but a seldom poster. After 10+ years of homebrewing, I decided to brew an english barleywine. I love rye, and have a sack of rye malt to use, so I created a recipe with 32% rye malt. Here's the recipe: 6 gallons OG: 1.100 FG: still fermenting...
  2. B

    How did the Germans brew Roggenbiers without Rice Hulls?

    I was looking into brewing a Roggenbier but almost any time I look up a rye recipe it calls for rice hulls. I was wonder how Germans and other cultures use to brew without getting things stuck before someone came up with the idea of rice hulls. Or has the addition always been there since the...
  3. Ridonkulous05

    Will this work?: Simplified.

    All, 10 gal. Grain bill: (all German Weyermann malts): 8.8 Lbs. (4 kg) Munich malt 8.8 Lbs. (4 kg) Wheat malt, Dark 4.4 Lbs. (2 kg) Rye malt (for a zesty, rye 'zing', but also may provide enzymatic help... question below...) 2.2 Lbs. (1 kg) Caramel Wheat malt Q#1: Will this mix...
  4. Ridonkulous05

    AG: Dunkelweizen mashing and Tips, and Are Rye and Munich malts strong enough?

    Homies, Brewers, and Talkers, I am greedy, and I therefore have bunch of questions for the experienced brewers here on the forum: First, I have assembled the necessary goods for a 10 gal. batch of Dunkelweizen (I think). Here's the grain bill: (all German Weyermann malts)...
  5. DoctorDuvel

    Rye - Flaked vs. Malt

    Can someone (or as many someones that want to give input) give the run-down on flaked rye and malted rye? I'm looking to do a Rye Pale Ale (partial grain). Are they both fermentable? Does one contribute more rye flavor than the other? The recipes I've seen tend to use both, so there must be good...