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  1. G

    Beer faucet internal rust?

    Hello everyone, I recently noticed a metallic taste in my kegged beer. For good measure i took apart my beer faucet with ball lock disconnect and noticed that there what looks like rust has appeared inside the faucet. I soaked and cleaned with PBW but it looks like it is still there. What does...
  2. B

    Rusty Kegerator - Can It Be Salvaged?

    I'm fearful of the answer, but here goes... I get a lot of condensation in my kegerator, enough that two EvaDry units can't keep up. Every so often I have to pull the kegs out and ShopVac standing liquid @ the bottom. The last time I did this, I was dismayed to see the lining of the freezer...
  3. Tyler Hurst

    Stainless oxidation or rust in Hop Stainers

    Hi, so I just brewed a beer that I’ve brewed numerous times before. An all galaxy mango Milkshake NEIPA, but when I pulled my hop strainers out I noticed this red buildup that looks like rust or oxidation. My brew does have a slight “metallic” taste to it but I just put it in keg and it’s still...
  4. FenoMeno

    Rust removal from Keg

    So I made a keg-o-brew for a buddy's wedding--also some bottled flip tops. I left earlier than the finishing and forgot to go back for the keg. So it's been a couple years and, hey, what happened to my keg??? I go to retrieve and when I open it, it had a couple broken flip-top bottles in...
  5. T

    So I realized I've been brushing my keggle's paint off with brass that contains iron.

    Did a magnet test, because I was curious, and the brass bristles are attracted to the magnet. Now I'm afraid I've doomed myself to RUST! :mad: I thought I was a smarty-pants when I started using my 4" brass brush attachment for a drill, but looks like this is some cheap brass. Is there...