russian imperial stout

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  1. Mizamook

    Advice Request: Russian Imperial Stout slow finish and Oak Aging

    Hallo! This might be my first post. But I've been enjoying your help while lurking in the shadows, so thanks! I've got me here one 5-gallon batch of Russian Imperial Stout, namely "Bear Chested Putin" extract/partial mash kit from Home Brew Stuff (my favorite supplier "brewing enabler"...
  2. Boozy Mcboozerson

    Imperial Stout 1848 Barclay Perkins Imperial Brown Stout 1st ever Imperial Stout

    This brew is from Ron Pattinsons Homebrewers Guide to Vintage Beer, which focuses on British brewing recipes from the last 200 years. I am curious if anyone else have brewed any of these historic beers and if they have any advice...
  3. NWOKBrewer

    Scaling up recipe for larger brew and yeast question. Help!

    Sorry all...that's the best title I could think of. :) Here's my question: I have a recipe for a 5.5g fermentor volume. I'd like to increase that to 7ish. Is there a calculator out there? I've looked, but can't find one that does that. Here are some stats on the recipe & equipment. Keggles for...
  4. ARaces23

    T H I C C Stout recipe?

    I haven't brewed anything new/solo in quite awhile. Used to brew with a neighbor, but he's off the sauce now. We brewed lots of IPAs/APAs, and never ventured too big. Looking for an all grain stout recipe that will be 12% plus & thick. Something that will stand up to possible adjuncts. Cheers!
  5. GRJBowers

    Russian Imperial Stout partial mashening (and other stories)

    Hi, HBT. Longtime lurker finally signed up for some advice and apologies in advance for what will probably be a wall of text. First some background info. I don't have an outdoor burner so my homebrew adventures are limited to partial mashes in a 5 gallon cooler with partial boils on the stove...