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  1. G

    a film on the top of my wine, is it bad?

    I have some wine that has been in carboys since 2020, and the airlock ran a little dry (I was using vodka). Now there is a film on the top of the wine, see photos. Is my wine now undrinkable? did it go bad? I'd rather toss it than poison anyone, myself included. But I'd hate to lose the...
  2. F

    Am I going to poison myself??

    I back sweetened a batch of cider (60L) with organic apple juice (2.8L). I had a few sips of the juice before pouring it in and though, huh, tastes kind of funky but didn’t think much of it since I have had straight apple juice in years. Few hours later I was very very sick, I check the expiry...
  3. A

    Beer smells

    What will contaminated beer smell like because I fear mine has become infected? Thanks
  4. mwilliams72707


    I went to bottle my beer today and noticed that there is mold in the airlock... I used vodka in my airlock and there isn't any mold that I can see growing in my beer. It's currently in a Better Bottle Carboy and I'm not sure if I should go ahead a bottle it... I don't want to bottle it and wait...