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  1. S

    Root beer fermentation

    Sorry if im in the wrong forum. My question regards root beer bottling fermentation. I trying to make small batches of root beer using sassafras, sarsaparilla, and a variety of herbs and berries. I find all root beers on the market are too sweet so I thought it would be fun to try myself. Im...
  2. Mattyg91

    Need Some Help With Seltzer Fermentation…

    Hey everyone, I know this isn’t about cider but I can’t find a thread in seltzer. So, I’m sorry about that but hoping you can help. I’m making a 5 gal seltzer with Kveik Lutra and white lanes seltzer max yeast nutrients. After fermentation, I’ll be adding root beer extract, back sweetening...
  3. SkiesMK

    First root beer keg. Pop comes out flat

    Hello all. I recently got my hands on a keg for a fairly good price so I went ahead and got it. I have been making root beer using the Zatarain extract, following a recipe effectively the same as on the bottle. In the past i have been using yeast to carbonate in bottles but am now trying to use...
  4. Mattyg91

    Alcoholic Root Beer Recipe?

    Hey everyone, I want to make an alcoholic root beer for 4th of July and I’m having a really hard time finding a recipe. Does anyone have a good 5 gallon recipe for an alcoholic root beer? I don’t want to use an extract kit if necessary as I usually brew all grain. I cannot find a clone recipe...
  5. letsallgoforasoda

    Has any one used liquid yeast to make rootbeer.

    please bare with me I have no home brew experience outside of soda I have been naturally carbonating Root beer for a month or so now. I'm wondering if anyone has any input on using liquid ale yeast? I seem to have a more sediment in the bottom of the 16oz ez tops I use. All the recipes I have...