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    Help First Time Set Up - Everything Froze

    Just bought first kegerator & hookedup Dual 1/4 barrel slims. Co2 tank in the kegerstor set up. Got it going fine per instructions. Had about 10 beers poured off it today. Thought it was all good. Then no beer. Opened kegerator to investigate and co2 is frosted over, regulator frosted over and...
  2. A

    Fruit wine 23%??

    I recently brewed a batch of Strawberry Wine. I was hoping to end up with a nice dessert wine flavor. OG 1.08 I knew it hadn't turn out as I had hoped when my FG reading was 0.90. Somehow it became very dry and had a very strong alcohol flavor to it. I had let it ferment for 4 months (I've...
  3. C

    Changing primary fermenting buckets in first 48 hours?

    Hi all I'm in a little bit of a pickle. Yesterday was brew day and the first time I did 5 gallons (as opposed to 2.5). I thought my fermentation bucket was 5.5 gallons but its actually literally exactly 5.05, so when I poured the wort and pitched the yeast, the level was almost flush with the...