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  1. V

    Northwest Craft Brewery Primer

    Here in the Northwest, we're pretty hardcore about our beer. Breweries are popping up constantly because there's a constant demand for the stuff. Our craft breweries are top-notch, showcasing some of the most innovative ideas and dedicated enthusiasts in the craft. Beer! What A Great Way To...
  2. J

    Wake and Hop Coffee IPA (Rogue Cold Brew IPA clone)

    So, this has been a project of mine for some time - I spent some time attempting to "reverse-engineer" Rogue's proprietary hop varieties they mention in their recipe for Cold Brew IPA...
  3. F

    Wanted: Rogue Honey Orange Wheat clone

    I just tasted this Honey Orange Wheat beer at Rogue's Portland Public House during Zwickelmania (so rad) and I must have it! It's the kind of beer you can quaff on a hot sticky afternoon while listening to baseball on the radio. Anyone know of a good clone?