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  1. marlinmatt

    RoboBrew \BrewZilla

    9.25 Gal 110V self contained brew system. Only used 2 times. Has all accessories. Great for 5 gal batches, and works great in the kitchen, no propane. I used it in my brewery for a couple pilot batches and works great. 200.00. local pickup preferred, could ship. Give location, I can quote cost...
  2. Spouk

    Robobrew Gen3.1 vs Brew Monk vs Brauheld 15

    I need a new system for indoor brewing cause I have moved and I can not have my 3v inside my new house. So after some research I ended up with these 3. I should also tell that I want to brew only small batches (under 3 gallons, it would be perfect to brew 1 to 2 gallons but I suppose it's...
  3. C

    Anyone using the mash and boil or robo brew?

    I'm looking at getting one of these systems to do ebiab brewing of primarily 5G batches and would like to hear feedback from folks who have owned either of the systems. I generally don't brew beers over 7-7.5% abv, so I don't have large grain bills generally and like the simplicity of the biab...