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  1. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft - Hazy Daze Stout

    As the Fall season approaches here in the Northeastern United States it brings with it the shorter days and cooler temperatures that signal the end of summer. In a few weeks the leaves of the deciduous trees in my neighborhood will start to change color. The same green leaves that provided...
  2. snarf7

    Irish Red Grain Bill

    I had an Irish red at a festival this summer that was delicious and had a beautiful red color. I talked to the brewer a bit and he was one of these guys who talks a mile a minute in 5 directions at once :D So it was hard to decipher a recipe or even proportions from the steady stream of chatter...
  3. M

    Newbie recipe design, HELP!

    Hi Guys! This is the first recipe i've put together, and i'm interested what you think about it, and I really need some advice! So, I'm trying to make a stout, all grain with a 5 gallon batch size, BIAB Grains: 10lbs Pale Malt 2lbs Carapils 1lbs Carafa 3 1lbs Chocholate malt 1lbs Roasted...
  4. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Brewing a Irish Inspired Red Rye Ale

    I thought I would try brewing an Irish Red Ale with 21% Rye. Full details and recipe are available on my website: I'll report back with a review once it's ready in about a month.
  5. BandonBrewingCo

    Is 500g @300SRM = 250g @600SRM

    Title says it all really. Are crystal and dark malts subbed in a linear fashion? Is 1kg 20SRM = 2KG 10SRM? Or is it just with the roasted barley where I have to be extra careful? Is there any guidelines on this (especially for roasted barley)?
  6. Upthewazzu

    Blackprinz vs Chocolate Malt vs Carafa I/II/III vs Roasted Barley

    Recently, I've been getting into darker beers and I'm having a hard time figuring out what each of these black malts do. From what I've brewed so far, I think Chocolate malt and Carafa I & II are more or less the same thing. Carafa III and Roasted barley seem to be similar. I haven't used...