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  1. rhys333

    American Amber Ale Fast Amber, Ragin' Red

    FAST AMBER, RAGIN' RED 76.75% 2 Row - 7.5 lbs 9% Victory - 14 oz 9% C60 (or C40) - 14 oz 4% Flaked barley - 6 oz 1.25% 550L UK Roasted barley - 1.9 oz 0.5 oz Centennial (7.5 aa) @ 60. Adjust to suit your alpha acids! 1 oz Centennial @ 15 & 0 WY 1187 Ringwood The name pretty much describes what...
  2. Gabriel Chevalier

    Brewing with Coffee

    I read up a bit on the many forms of brewing with coffee e.g. stouts, porters, cream ales, even IPAs. But I'd like to ask what techniques, ingredients, etc. you all would think is best if I'm trying to capture the most natural coffee flavors. I can think of brewing something using very lightly...