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  1. T

    Anyone tried high sulfates to chloride in a stout or porter? -- General stout water profile discussion

    Hi guys, this is Mike in Bali Indonesia Has anyone tried to brew a porter or a stout with a high sulfite to chloride ratio? I'm wondering if there are any good iterations that could be done of it. I've done something like that with around a 3.0 sulfite to chloride as a black IPA. It was...
  2. EnglishAndy

    Bru'n Water and darker crystal malts

    When I add Crisp Medium Crystal (240 EBC) to a recipe in Bru'n Water it flags the line item as red if the Grain Type dropdown is "Crystal Malt". If I change it to "Roast Malt" then red goes away but the pH prediction drops significantly from 5.30 to 5.18. Am I supposed to ignore the red warning...
  3. micraftbeer

    Target Mash pH if Adding Dark Grains at Vourlaf?

    I've recently started logging my Mash pH and trying to target/adjust based on BeerSmith 2 predicted mash pH. So checking my recipe last night and seeing it predicted 5.48 without any acid additions, I was happy. I'm sure it's mainly from the dark/roasted malts in my grain bill. Then while...