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  1. tarcrarc

    Ease My Worries

    I am stepping up a yeast starter using Propper Starter cans (for the first time). After completing the first starter (used distilled water) I cold crashed it. After decanting, I added another can of starter for the step up. However, it requires a full can of water to get to 1040. Being out of...
  2. DeutschMann96

    To mix, or not to mix?

    I brewed 5 gallons of Kölsch, and filled them into the five 1 gallon carboys I had on hand. The last one I only managed to fill halfway so I topped off with RO water figuring it would all even out when I kegged (the original gravity was on the high side) I tasted the one I topped off, and it...
  3. N

    Water Adjustments Starting with RO/Distilled

    Hey everyone, I was previously using local well water to brew with, and had some great results, but our well yield has dropped significantly since my last couple brews, so I've been using RO water (without any additions) with just OK results. I'm interested in building up my brew water from...
  4. A

    First BIAB (first all grain) Schwarzbier. Tons of questions (RO water, hops ...)

    I have almost all my equipment gathered and will try to brew next weekend. However, the more I try to be ready the more unanswered questions I seem to have. Hoping you guys can help me out a bit. I plan to do the 'May the Schwarzbier with you' recipe. Grist is as follows: 7 lbs 5.0 oz...