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  1. NWOKBrewer

    These yeast for bottle carbing Russian Imp. Stout?

    I'm currently aging some RIS (~10%) in secondary. I'll be looking bottle some of it in the next few weeks. I just picked up the following yeast as they were discounted. A couple questions: 1. Which one of these would you use: CL23 or Cote des Blancs (They are both high ABV tolerant) 2. Since...
  2. T

    Cinnamon in a 20.5% RIS

    Hey guys, Just wondering if I really need to soak the cinnamon sticks in alcohol before throwing it into secondary since the ABV is so high as it is. I don't really think I do but wanted to get on here and ask just to make sure. Also, from what I've read, I should let them sit in secondary for...
  3. GRJBowers

    Russian Imperial Stout partial mashening (and other stories)

    Hi, HBT. Longtime lurker finally signed up for some advice and apologies in advance for what will probably be a wall of text. First some background info. I don't have an outdoor burner so my homebrew adventures are limited to partial mashes in a 5 gallon cooler with partial boils on the stove...