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  1. M

    Question about a design for a direct fire RIMS design

    I've been bouncing this idea around for awhile about designing a direct fire RIMS system. My idea basically can be broken down into several different pieces. The "heating element" would consist of a burner rod for flames natural gas or propane or two rods of burner nozels. This would then run...
  2. M

    For Sale Blichmann RIMs Rocket

    I have a 240v Blichmann RIMs Rocket for sale. I purchased this a couple of year back when I thought I had more time to look at step mashing. I never had a chance to use the unit. This unit also includes the optional temperature sensor fitting, that was an extra $38. I paid about $275 for the...
  3. Teedocious

    For Sale RIMS Partial setup -- PID, pump, heating element, thermocouple

    Moving houses, time to downsize brewing equipment. For sale (Peninsula, SF Bay Area, CA): Working basic RIMS setup. toolbox with mounted pump, pid controller. Electric (120V) heating element in stainless casing, type K thermocouple. Quick disconnect fittings on pump. Pump and PID wired with...
  4. K

    Sold RIMS tube, element, sensor, power

    RIMS Tube from BrewHardware.com (RIMS Hardware Kit 18'' Body Length - Male Camlock I/O Ports) 18” long Stainless Male Camlock connectors for input and output. Stainless steel heating element. 1650W (120V) RTD Temperature sensor Power cord It's been used 4-5 times and is very clean. This is a...
  5. Ackroyd

    15 gal All-Grain System For Sale

    **Reduced Price** I had kids and haven't had much time to brew in the past few years, and now I am moving across the country and don't have room for this at the new place. Works great as a manual system for 15 gal batches. More tubes, hardware, and other bits and pieces, just not shown. Works...