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  1. M

    For Sale Blichmann RIMs Rocket

    I have a 240v Blichmann RIMs Rocket for sale. I purchased this a couple of year back when I thought I had more time to look at step mashing. I never had a chance to use the unit. This unit also includes the optional temperature sensor fitting, that was an extra $38. I paid about $275 for the...
  2. C

    Blickman RIMS all-grain set up for sale - Austin, TX

    I'm selling a lot of my homebrewing equipment, which includes a lot of Blichmann Engineering components. This is a RIMS system that allows you to precisely control your mashing temperatures. Everything is in great working order and hardly used (about 5 batches). Below is a list of what's...
  3. eomeyers

    Texas Houston - Sabco Brew Magic V350MS (2014), Blichmann 14gal Fermenator, all tri clamp fittings, stand up freezer w/digital controller. $5000 pickup only

    Fermenator fits perfectly inside standup freezer for spot on fermentation temps. 5k includes Blichmann Therminator (& homemade backflow cleaning valve arrangement) & march pump. Got married, had kids, no time to brew anymore... various other equipment available, make me an offer: Tri tap...
  4. T

    Build A DIY RIMS System

    I recently had a chance to brew with the professionals at a local brewery. They were brewing on a SABCO Brew-Magic (15 gallon) system that they use for their weekly small batch releases. The brewer explained the components and how they all worked together. The wort would circulate throughout the...
  5. S

    HERMS/RIMS step mash performance q's

    For those of you with HERMS or RIMS. When you're doing a step mash, how many degrees/minute are you getting when you ramp up to the next step? Do you have a minimum acceptable rate, if so what is it?
  6. micraftbeer

    Building a 2V Electric System- Opinions on Boil Kettle Port Location

    I'm putting together a 2-Vessel electric system. I've used a number of different all-in-one electric systems, and I've decided 2 vessels is the way to go for me. The hanging/draining bag or malt tube just gets in the way of checking my pre-boil volume and pre-boil gravity. I don't do...
  7. R

    California Blichmann Tower of Power Control Module and LTE stand

    Selling my Tower of Power control module and LTE stand for $500. Just like new, pump not included. 120V. I have a custom stainless tube with heating elements and 1.5 inch tri-clamp set up that I will sell for $75 more...