rice hulls

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  1. beervoid

    Extra fine milling plus rice hulls is higher efficiency?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if milling finer then normal what would lead to better extraction but less efficiency as too finely milled grains can cause a stuck mash. What if one would counter this by adding rice hulls? Would this give a better efficiency in the end? Cheerz
  2. beervoid

    Mash thickness, stuck mash and rice hulls on grainfather, ace, klarstein

    Hello everyone, I've recently started brewing bigger batches on a grainfather like system but i'm running into problems with a stuck mash. My current water to grain ratio is on the low end if i'm correct (about 2.5liters per KG). Total grain bill is about 12kg and I have only 30 liters in my...
  3. K

    Wheat Mashing in a Jug Cooler...Resting easy? Y/N?

    My friend and I have made maybe 8 or 10 AG batches at 2.5 gallons using the Beerformulator tool. They have all worked well and seem to taste just fine. Except one... the first recipe I tried was a wheat beer and I came out cloudy, which is OK for wheat, but this type of Cloudy was detrimental...