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  1. P

    Rice Hulls?

    I'm new to all grain so this might sound simplistic. From things I've read, when brewing a wheat beer rice hulls are recommended. Is this actually the case with BIAB? I thought the rice hulls were to prevent a "stuck mash." This doesn't happen in BIAB, right? My understanding of a stuck mash...
  2. Sammy86

    Connecticut Rice Hulls

    Hello Brewers! Since I've moved to BIAB I am no longer in need of this massive 4 lbs 5 oz of rice hulls. They are in a huge plastic bag from Atlantic Brew supply. Price: Free P/U in Newtown or meet up in Newtown/Brookfield/Danbury PM me! First come first serve, NOT WILLING TO SHIP!
  3. X

    HERMS, Decoction...and Rice Hulls

    I bought a Blichmann ProPilot 10 gallon electric HERMS system last summer and have been working my way through many of my favorite recipes since then. Big adjustments on the efficiency calculations, but had that down after two brews. I'm about to brew a Trappist Single recipe on it for the first...
  4. B

    How did the Germans brew Roggenbiers without Rice Hulls?

    I was looking into brewing a Roggenbier but almost any time I look up a rye recipe it calls for rice hulls. I was wonder how Germans and other cultures use to brew without getting things stuck before someone came up with the idea of rice hulls. Or has the addition always been there since the...
  5. beervoid

    Extra fine milling plus rice hulls is higher efficiency?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if milling finer then normal what would lead to better extraction but less efficiency as too finely milled grains can cause a stuck mash. What if one would counter this by adding rice hulls? Would this give a better efficiency in the end? Cheerz
  6. beervoid

    Mash thickness, stuck mash and rice hulls on grainfather, ace, klarstein

    Hello everyone, I've recently started brewing bigger batches on a grainfather like system but i'm running into problems with a stuck mash. My current water to grain ratio is on the low end if i'm correct (about 2.5liters per KG). Total grain bill is about 12kg and I have only 30 liters in my...
  7. K

    Wheat Mashing in a Jug Cooler...Resting easy? Y/N?

    My friend and I have made maybe 8 or 10 AG batches at 2.5 gallons using the Beerformulator tool. They have all worked well and seem to taste just fine. Except one... the first recipe I tried was a wheat beer and I came out cloudy, which is OK for wheat, but this type of Cloudy was detrimental...