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  1. Passito

    Seeking Hallertau Rhizomes (Michigan)

    I'm looking specifically for 1-2 regular HALLERTAU or Mittelfruh hop rhizomes to plant in my garden this Spring 2023. I am German and located near Pontiac Michigan area if that matters. Am looking for a friendship gift from a kind fellow homebrewer and I will provide you the prepaid...
  2. M

    MultiHead or Medusa Rhizomes

    Does anyone have any multihead or medusa rhizomes available to trade or sale? I'm in Canada so I can't order from greatlakes. I can trade neo1 or centennial if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  3. J

    Transplanting Rhizomes

    We just moved into a new house - not far from our old place in Upstate NY. I had some great success growing hops at my old place, and want to take the rhizomes with me. I dug up the root balls and now I'm wondering what to do until spring. Should i just get them in the ground, despite the fact...
  4. Okiebrewer

    New order

    I just ordered 2Jumbo Saaz, 2 Jumbo Liberty, 2 Chinook, 2 cascade and 2 williamette from Freshops.com and I can't wait to get em. I told my swmbo that I was pissed I'd miss another summer away from home due to my deployment in April until Nov or Dec and that my hops were not gonna get any love...
  5. C

    rhizomes overseas

    Hello, I am trying to find some hops rhizomes to plant for my homebrewing, but here, in Spain, where I live it is really difficult. All american sellers I have found say me that they are not shipping outside US. Do you know any website selling american hops rhizomes to Europe? I am looking...