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  1. B

    SS Brewbucket Review

    If you have done any shopping online for brewing supplies than you have probably seen advertisements for the SS Brewbucket from SS Brewing Technologies. That was where my exposure to them began. At nearly $200 for the base model and $225 for the Brewmaster version, you might be wondering if they...
  2. D

    Product Spotlight: HOPTOPs

    Hello everyone, and welcome to our first "product spotlight". In these articles we are looking to shine the light on some of the new or up and coming products available to us homebrewers. This spotlight features HOPTOPs, a new product which is an airlock created to fit on mason jars. Let's dig...
  3. FoamFollower

    Blichmann Top Tier Burner Review

    The Blichmann Top Tier Burner commands a premium price, which may put a lot of people off. When you can get a burner for $29.99 that does an adequate job of heating wort, why pay five times that amount for equipment that does essentially the same thing? I too was skeptical at first, and started...
  4. D

    A Year In Review - Lessons Learned

    September 27th marked the 1st anniversary for me and my new found love Homebrewing! I jumped into all grain brewing with both feet after first reading John Palmer's How To Brew. I scoured tons of forums and homebrew community sites in search of the most detailed information and the best setup I...
  5. J

    The Latest On Craft Soda

    If there is a topic that is not up for debate, it is that craft beer is a mighty beast, and there is nothing stopping this beast from barreling down most any other alcoholic beverage. What can be debated, however, is the legitimacy of craft soda and its uprising. Some see craft soda riding the...
  6. R

    White Whales and Founders KBS Dethroned?

    White Whales and Founders KBS Dethroned? If you're into craft beer as a semi serious hobby you probably already know all the craft beer slang and what the term white whale means in the craft beer community, if not I'll explain it real quick. White Whale: a beer highly sought after that is very...
  7. M

    Homebrewers Toolkit Review

    Homebrewer's Toolkit Review Homebrewer's Toolkit: OS Windows 8.1 (available on the Windows Store) Cost - $9.99 (full featured demo available) I was excited to see a new brewing program, Homebrewers Toolkit, written for Windows 8 and especially one that synchronizes with OneDrive and that has a...
  8. Z

    Mashmaster Mill Review - Unboxing and First Brew

    This is going to be long. I'm going to try and prevent that, then fail. Sorry about that. My old mill died. Ended up saving the last brewday by double crushing - and ending up with massacred malt as a result. But I brewed! Enough is enough. I had taken a break from brewing and forgot how...