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  1. BryanEBIAB

    Storing Used Lager Yeast

    I’ve been trying my hand at the “continuous use” method of refilling my uncleaned fermenter immediately after emptying it (loving it!). My problem is my fermentation temperature control still needs work so as summer warms up, I want insurance in case my yeast get stressed and I didn’t want to...
  2. B

    Easiest commercial label removal

    I've always hated saving commercial pop top bottles because I didn't like removing the labels. But, I tried some Maisels Weisse and liked their slightly slimmer bottles (11.2 FL. OZ.) so I decided I'd save them and try to remove the labels. I put them in the sink with the hottest water my sink...
  3. I

    StarSan cloudy after 1 day in bottled water

    Hey there, I have bought a large 5 litre shop bought bottle of water and I heard that this should keep my StarSan(ChemSan) from going cloudy for a while after using it. I mixed 10ml of StarSan into the 5 litres of water (as instructed on the bottle and from videos on youtube) I then used my...
  4. chicagobrew

    Used dry hops back into new batch?

    OK, so I had a little misstep yesterday. I mashed as normal and thought everything was going well. I had the wort on the burner and it was just starting to boil. I threw in my hops for a 60min boil and turned my back for one second to set something down. Whoosh, the damn thing boiled over and...