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  1. mboardman

    time spent getting to and from target temps during mash

    I have transitioned from extract to biab AG, and I use a gas kitchen stove for the heating process....curious what similar fellas do about the time you spend getting to the next target temp in a multi-rest mashing process? Do you count it as time spent at the previous temp rest, the next rest...
  2. brandonlovesbeer

    Diacetyl Rest?... But Krausen has dropped

    Uh oh. I wanted to do a Diacetyl Rest, but Krausen dropped out last night some time. I JUST cranked the control temp up (from 52˚F-ish) to 65˚F. Questions: 1) Am I too late? 2) Is that the correct temperature? Thanks
  3. F

    Mash temperature and dextrins

    Hi! I have a question regarding mash temperature. Usually I do a single infusion mash at 153F but recently I tried doing a rest at 147F for 60 min and then a rest at 158F for 20 minutes. After I had done this, I was wondering if the low mash temperature rest was too long for the high...