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  1. Aróchito

    Re-pitching 5 gallons of Cider

    Greetings! Back in January I added 2 lbs of sugar to 5 gallons of apple juice with a red wine yeast and it's been sitting in secondary ever since. Now I want it dry-hopped and carbonated. What would you say is the lowest amount of sugar I should add that's enough to kick-start the fermentation...
  2. B

    Repitching yeast

    I captured yeast from my new chronical, put it on the fridge, now do I just pour off the beer and dump the rest into my new batch or do I separate the yeast further? (Everything was sanitized prior to capturing the yeast.)
  3. Pappa_Bjorn

    [First timer] URGENT! Possible to resuscitate first (and failed) cider?

    On the 25th of september I pitched a split apple cider batch. Neither carboy started. Tragedy struck when I had to abandon my cider-babies due to work. Yesterday, oct 11th, 16 days later, I open one carboy that's been sitting under airlock at 20C/68F - no CO2 having replaced the air mind you -...
  4. DeutschMann96

    Time to repitch?

    Long story short I ordered yeast (WLP029) from Homebrew Supply, and FedEx took the scenic route to get here. After 5 days I got my yeast. The cold pack, and vial were very warm. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. Made a starter, pitched it in, here we are three, and a half days later...
  5. Firestix

    Slow start from repitched frozen yeast

    I've been brewing cider for about 3 years and mead for 1 year. My favorite yeast is Nottingham and I decided to start freezing my harvested yeast using the method posted on HBT found here: This has worked successful for quite a few brews by...
  6. rgarcia128

    Reboil, cool and pitch yeast for a 2nd time

    So I brewed an American IPA. It went smoothly until the point the wort was cooled and I was transferring to primary fermenting bucket. See, I didn't use a grain bag, (i will never do that again) so the grains broke down to tiny particles. I used a colander and a strainer but they kept...