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  1. D

    Glycol chiller repair

    My SS Brewtech glycol chiller has lost most of its capacity to cool. It gets the glycol reservoir down to target temperature eventually, but it can’t keep up with even a single 5-gallon batch if I want to go lower than 65°F. Cooling more than one batch, lager fermentations, and cold crashing are...
  2. neenahbrew

    Corney Keg Base

    Does anyone know where I can find a replacement rubber base for a corny keg?
  3. laserghost

    Is My Kegerator Dead?

    Hey everyone, I've had my kegerator for about 6–7 years. It's a converted Danby mini fridge, I bought new, that holds two cornies. I keep it on a Johnson Control at around 37 degrees, and it's been great so far. So I was really bummed to see that it's only cooling down to 50 degrees and the...
  4. KegconnectionLLC

    PERLICK 525 PARTS! Upgrade your old faucet

    We now carry the full line of parts for Perlick 525 Faucets. If you have one of the older faucets there are two parts that will greatly enhance it's performance. In many of the 525 faucets they came with a plastic bearing cup. We now have metal ones as replacements. Also, until fairly...
  5. N

    Mash Tun Help.

    I was testing my newly built Mash Tun (5 Gal Rubbermade cooler) and noticed it leaking from the holder for the paper cups. I realized there was a crack in the bottom of the cooler and all the foam insulation was getting soaked. Is there anything to seal up the cracked liner?