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  1. beervoid

    Refractometer reading very different from Hydrometer, fermenting wort

    Hi everyone, I've had a slow fermentation going due to pitching to low. I meassured the OG with an hydrometer as 1.081. Normally my fermentation is at terminal around day 4. Now day 7 in it's still bubbling quiet alot so I decided to do a refractometer reading. It stated 11.5 brix which...
  2. C

    For Sale MA871 Refractometer For Sale With Case

    Lightly used Milwaukee Instruments MA871-BOX refractometer for sale. $90 plus shipping. Carl
  3. K

    Refractometer calibration issues

    Does anyone law have major accuracy issues with refractometers? I have tried multiple meters from different manufacturers and I can’t get them to work right. If I calibrate with distilled water per the instructions all my readings come out low. If I calibrate with a hydrometer reading then it...
  4. S

    Refractometer readings for glucose and fructose solutions

    Assume I have two 100 ml solutions. One has 20 grams of fructose, and the other has 20 grams of glucose. When I use a refractometer to measure the Brix degrees, do I need to convert the output to different values using some conversion table, or is this output correct? I ask this because the...
  5. luis.salas

    Brix and SG refractometer

    Hi, guys. I recently bought a refractometer in order to gain some control over my brewing that, until now, it has been quite wild and free. I was reading about the correction you should make when using a refractometer to obtain the precise Brix degree measure, and then convert it to SG. My...
  6. K

    Keep It Up - Getting Consistent Results by Calibrating Your Brew House

    It is important for any brewer who wishes to get the most consistent results possible to keep his or her brew house calibrated. Knowing your measurements and calculations are accurate will allow you to better predict the way your final product will turn out. So what are some things you should...
  7. Q

    Newbie question: specific gravity and secondary fermentation

    I've decided to take the plunge during the lockdown. I recently started a Cru International Australian Cabernet Sauvignon wine kit with the Master Vintner kit from Midwest Supplies. I am on day 15 of my kit. Unfortunately, the hydrometer was missing from my kit, and I'm yet to request a...
  8. GrowleyMonster

    First Time Refractometer User Can't Figure it Out.

    Something funny going on here. I just put a batch in the keg a couple days ago without taking SG. I bought this refractometer a couple months ago and rather than pull a big ol test sample, I thought ah-HAH! That gadget only needs a couple of drops to test specific gravity! It's about time I...
  9. K

    We created a ridiculous spreadsheet for Wort Correction - Feel free to poke holes in it

    Hello all, My brewing friends and I created a spreadsheet originally intended to calculate ABV while accounting for a Wort Correction Factor based on Hydrometer and Refractometer readings. We've been using it successfully for a few brew sessions now, and I figured it might be a good idea to...
  10. bbearbrew

    Hydrometer - Refractometer - Calibration, Reading

    Hi, Could not find a thread that addressed my specific questions (sorry if there is one). Apologize for long-winded post, but want to provide as much info as possible. New to forum and brewing in general. I've brewed 6 batches (extract) at this point and trusted my hydrometer for measuing SG...
  11. U

    Big discrepancy between hydrometer and refractometer

    It's almost time for me to bottle my annual christmas beer, and I took a gravity reading today for the first time in a few months (it's a spiced quad that I brew over the summer and age). The last time I took a gravity reading I just used the refracto and I was getting a reading in the 1.050...
  12. beervoid

    Broken refractometer?

    Hey everyone, I noticed that my refractometer became harder to read and just today it was almost impossible to read. The blue background is not making a clear line anymore. Can refractometer breakdown with time? Did I not properly take care of it? Should I buy a more expensive unit? Wondering...
  13. devils4ever

    Taking the Refractometer Plunge--Help Me Select One

    I decided to take the refractometer plunge so I can better monitor mash gravity, end of sparge gravity, pre-boil gravity, etc. I did some looking around the Internet and came up with these 3 possible contenders: Ade Advanced Optics (4.4 stars)...
  14. T

    The Great Gravity Showdown - Hydrometer vs. Digital Hydrometer vs. Refractometer vs...

    One of the things I’ve managed to accumulate over the years is a panoply of devices for measuring specific gravity. I’ve generally used whatever device was easiest to find at the time (or was easiest to use as an alternative) but I’ve often wondered if my measurements were accurate. I’m now in...
  15. L

    NB refractometer case?

    Does anyone know if the refractometer sold through Northern Brewer comes with a case? If not, any recommendations on a good third party case?
  16. MarsColonist

    Refractometer reading during boil :(

    So, a couple of weeks ago, someone stole my keggles from my backyard for scrap metal..... thats a whole 'nother story... I was essentially dialed in well and could consistently hit ~80% brewhouse efficiency over the last 15 batches or so.. Borrowed a friend's keggles (not very different from my...