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  1. rhys333

    American Amber Ale Fast Amber, Ragin' Red

    FAST AMBER, RAGIN' RED 76.75% 2 Row - 7.5 lbs 9% Victory - 14 oz 9% C60 (or C40) - 14 oz 4% Flaked barley - 6 oz 1.25% 550L UK Roasted barley - 1.9 oz 0.5 oz Centennial (7.5 aa) @ 60. Adjust to suit your alpha acids! 1 oz Centennial @ 15 & 0 WY 1187 Ringwood The name pretty much describes what...
  2. javert

    Getting Red Ale while minimizing flavor effect.

    I've been on a trial and error quest for the best way to get the reddish color of Irish or American Red Ales, but I'm finding it hard to do without getting a big toffee taste that can assault the mouth on the first gulp. Great Western Malting's crystal 60 proved to be too little for the effect...
  3. tripeland

    Comments on water profile for hoppy red ale

    After years of saying that I wanted to make my own beer I have finally started! I first made two extract batches then moved on to BIAB (5 gallon batches). So far I have made a tripel and a belgian dark strong ale with the BIAB method. I feel like I have the process pretty well sorted with proper...
  4. C

    Feedback on my first recipe: 1 gal red ipa [extract]

    I'm new to these forums and to homebrewing. I got into this because I love red IPAs (Green Flash Hop Head Red IPA is my favorite beer), but I have trouble finding them when I buy beer, so I figured I should try to make some myself. My first two batches have come back okay, but not great, and I...
  5. aleiexjr

    My first beer recipe (Red Ale) any suggestions?

    Hello there! I'm finally going to try my very first recipe. I designed it using the trial version of BeerSmith 1.4and I'd like to make a Red Ale (I used the sugested amounts for an Irish Red Ale) and here is what I got: Irish Red Ale Malt extract and grains (all weyermann) 6.17 lb...