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  1. I

    SS Brewtech Infusion Mash Tun - Recirculation Bulkhead Fittings?

    Just received the Infusion Mash Tun for Christmas and, as has been my experience with all of my SS Brewtech equipment... the instructions are far from sufficient. Managed to figure most everything out, but am stumped by the tri clamp fitting on the Recirc. Bulkhead - it looks to be a 3/4" but...
  2. lashack

    Cool Wort Using Recirculation, Questions about Setup?

    Hello everyone! I am interested in automating my wort cooling process. Currently, I am using the setup shown in the first image below (2 immersion wort chillers, one in the BK and one in an insulated Ice Water Cooler). It works for the most part and cools my water in about 10 minutes with...
  3. prah

    KLARSTEIN Maischfest all grain system... is it worth it?

    Greeting to all the amazing homebrewers out there! I'm in the middle of thinking on how to optimize my brew day, I brew on the kitchen stove and I'm getting tired of the ridiculous amount of times that I need to get the worth to boil and all this stuff. My most frequent issues are: I only own...
  4. C

    Recirculation pump

    Hello everyone! We just upgraded to 100 L brew pots, meaning we can make more beer but recirculation and mainly sparging take lots of time (it took us nearly 3 hours the last time). So our next upgrade will be to get ourselves some pumps to do this process. Thing is, I don't know anything about...
  5. Thehopman

    Recirculating mash - direct fire under my kettle?

    Hi there, Sorry if that's a dumb question, but I'm thinking of upgrading my system soon, and I'd like to go for a recirculation pump on my mash tun. I like direct heat, so far I got good results just using a regular boil kettle to mash, then would transfer into my next vessel through a bag for...
  6. I

    Pin style vs. threaded CIP balls?

    Hi all, I am in the market for a CIP ball, and am a little confused as to exactly why "pin style" connections are a thing. I can't find any information anywhere else online, so I'm hoping someone here can shed some light. For some context, here are examples of the two styles: Threaded...
  7. BandonBrewingCo

    Mash Recirc and grain bed compression

    Hi, I've got a 15G SS Brewtech kettle with false bottom on an induction heater. I've got a 12V pump recircing the mash but it seems to be murdering my conversion effeciency. So i gave the grain bed a poke and it is very, very compact. Not at all compact enough to stop flow mind you, I'm just...