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  1. R

    Appropriate Pump

    Would this be a fairly good pump for recirculating with Mash and Boil, and also possibly recirculating during cool down?
  2. ChaosB

    1st Time Brewer - 3 Vessel SS Brewtech HERMs System

    I've been researching, purchasing, and building my first homebrew setup since October 18. I'm an American currently living in South Korea. Finally getting closer to my first brew day. Still need another Hellfire burner and tower of power gas controller but I went ahead and tested my plumbing out...
  3. Wuzabear

    Recirculating eBIAB Questions

    I have been very happy with my eBIAB setup to date. I have decided to upgrade my system with a pump to recirculate during the mash and whirlpool, and have a few logistical questions that I cannot seem to find the answer to. 1. When you are done with the mash, do you leave the wort in the lines...
  4. B

    Recirculation questions

    I have read some materials recently talking about people's recirculation methods actually seeming to be detrimental, not beneficial. So how do you build a kettle with a useful recirculation function? Where do you put the temperature probe? What device do you use to evenly distribute the...
  5. B

    Kettle Help for eBIAB build

    I need some non-electrical help: I am looking for some help on putting together a kettle for my eBIAB build. I had initially planned on using my thin-walled aluminum kettle which already has a ball valve in it, but I have read that aluminum and stainless have some unwanted interactions when...
  6. deBREWler

    Long Recirculating Mash Question

    Has anyone experimented with the idea of mashing for 2+ hours? Long story short, I can't lock myself in my garage or basement for a proper brew day so I've been brainstorming ways to modify my brew day to accommodate my family and children's needs. My HEX (standalone HERMS) will maintain...