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  1. J

    American Stout Recipe

    Looking for input on an American Stout recipe I've been working on. I'm planning on brewing this in a couple of weeks and would very much like some input. Water profile is Bru'nwater Black Balanced. All comments are appreciated.
  2. I

    Homebrew Recipes from my Commercial Brewery!

    Hi everyone, I guess it's been a while since I've logged in here! Pretty wild to see one of my old posts still stickied here. Anyway, I recently opened a new dedicated gluten-free brewery (all by myself this time, no partners or investors!) called Mutantis Brewery and Bottle Shop. Located in...
  3. A

    How to Brew A Crowd Pleaser

    We have all been there. There is an event coming up that you want, or have been asked, to brew a beer for, and you want to brew up something that sets itself apart from the light lagers that so many are fond of while remaining accessible to those same light lager drinkers. It is a delicate...
  4. L

    The Homebrew Recipe Bible: Book Review

    “If you’ve ever wanted to learn to brew beer from an expert, look no further. Award-winning homebrewer Chris Colby of Beer & Wine Journal offers recipes for every major style of beer to teach novice, intermediate and advanced brewers more about the craft and science of brewing. From classic...
  5. E

    Experimenting With Ingredients In Your Kitchen To Make Prepackaged Kits Unique

    Kits are a staple of the homebrewing scene. Put together by your local homebrew shop or the big online retailers, they are all-in-one boxes that give you everything you need to create beers that are time-tested and brewer-approved. Sometimes they are clones of popular craft brews, other times...
  6. D

    Be a Better Brewer: Get SMaSH'd On Brew Day

    There’s an easy and delicious way to improve your beer creation skills. Just get "SMaSH’d" on brew day. Not smashed as in “drink a beer make a beer,” but SMaSH’d as in brewing Single Malt and Single Hop beers. Brewing SMaSH beers dials you directly in to the abundantly flavorful and educational...
  7. D

    What's In A Name?

    Many of us first felt the call to homebrew after tasting a great hand-crafted ale or lager at a local brewery or brewpub. That magical sip bursting with flavor, the aroma wafting up from the head, the intricate lacing left in the glass. There really is nothing like the moment you realize that...
  8. C

    Developing your own Recipes

    Everyone Homebrews for one reason or another. Some of us do it to compete and brew the best style possible. Others do it to save a few bucks over some of the top shelf beers. Others will brew beer to make something new and unheard of. Each has their merits and each starts with a recipe. There...
  9. C

    Developing your own Recipes

    Everyone Homebrews for one reason or another. Some of us do it to compete and brew the best style possible. Others do it to save a few bucks over some of the top shelf beers. Others will brew beer to make something new and unheard of. Each has their merits and each starts with a recipe. There...
  10. wsmith1625

    How did you get started creating your own recipes?

    I would love to hear everyone's story on how they switched from brewing kits to creating their own recipes. I eventually want to brew my own recipes but don't know where to start. Thanks!
  11. S

    Scaling Down Hops in Recipes

    We've got several 31 gallon beer recipes and we would like to scale them down for our setup - which produces about 11 gallons of fermentable wort. I've searched this site for information on scaling and learned that the hops schedule does not scale in a linear fashion. We know we can plug the...
  12. Tyler Hurst

    Saison Recipe Critique. Dry, fruity, funky, crushable.

    hey all. First off thank you to everyone who gives any feedback, this community means a lot to me. So I have been making saisons for quite a while and I’m really playing with yeast ideas and need help with hops ratios/schedules. I’m looking to make a hoppy saison and I don’t know how much to use...
  13. chillandbrew

    Brewie Recipes & Tips & Tricks

    Hello everyone, I didn't see a thread about recipes on the Brewie B20 or the Brewie+ so i have created one. If there is already one let me know and i'll delete this. If not then, let's see what everyone's got! I'm mostly into Amber Ales and IPAs. I will brew this weekend the Mango Habanero...
  14. Hurdzanbrew

    New homebrew channel hurdzanbrew!!

    Hurdzanbrew has launched on YouTube and we are thrilled to release the first video, a step by step gose brew day!! Elements of comedy and brewing together at last!! Please check it out, like it, share it, tell a friend, re watch and laugh and hopefully learn something. Check us out on instagram...
  15. Claire

    Looking for recipes...

    Hey everyone! I'm just getting into cider making and am looking for some recipes. So far I have made a batch with an apple cider blend I bought from the store (which is about to be bottled) and a batch made with fresh pressed granny smith juice (which is just fermenting). I'm mainly...
  16. S

    Mormon Pioneer Homebrew Recipes?

    So I know this is kind of a long shot, but I'm looking for homebrew recipes from Mormons or Mormon communities between 1850 and 1950. My great-grandma was a homebrewer and a Mormon, and she had a recipe for wheat beer that is light on the details. I'm eventually hoping to pull together enough to...
  17. Poopsmitherson

    Stop Worrying About Your Weight

    Brewers often use the weight of malt and hops when writing recipes, but this sometimes makes for confusion due to varying brewhouse efficiencies, batch sizes, and even units of measurement. I propose a different way to write recipes so that they may be universally understood and utilized...
  18. Washington_Brewologist

    I need a good recipe for these 4oz of Denali hops a friend just gave me...

    I'm a 5-6 gallon BIAB fiend. I was just gifted 4 oz of some Denali hops from a buddy and would love to know what you guys think I should pair them with.
  19. M

    Foolproof recipes?

    I have 10 one gallon jugs, and want to have a brewfest at my work. Planning to offer my coworkers a chance to try brewing something at their desks. I personally find it soothing to have a carboy airlock bubbling within my line of sight. Going to offer them to try: Joe's Ancient Orange Mead...
  20. G

    Leftover hops

    Hey fellow homebrewers, Do you usually have leftover hops after brewing? What do you do with them? How do you find recipes for them?