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  1. R

    So I took my sample today, and I would like some advice (first timer here)

    So I took the sample on my first mead today. Ive made some very crude recipes in the past but nothing with hydrometers or racking or any of that. This is my first proper attempt and I have been making a wild berry and treacle mead. It's stopped all air bubbles in the airlock, it's darkened...
  2. T

    Books to read

    What three books would you recommend to a brewer that is looking to start brewing in about two months.
  3. C

    Accidentally recorded OG before adding water to batch...any equation to figure out OG with water?

    I made a hopslam clone about 2 weeks ago, and I took a reading of it with my hydrometer and it came out to 1.130 which was insanely high but for some reason I just went with it. It didn't occur to me until a week later that I didn't record it after I had taken the 3.5 gallons I brewed and added...
  4. LloydGM

    Treasure trove of yeast information on Wyeast's web site

    Interested in a bunch of articles related to brewer yeast? Pitch rates, harvesting...all kinds of great stuff! https://www.wyeastlab.com/search/site?keys=pitch+rate I was simply following up with a question I had regarding yeast starters and the search results were astounding. I just spent...
  5. MarsColonist

    Refractometer reading during boil :(

    So, a couple of weeks ago, someone stole my keggles from my backyard for scrap metal..... thats a whole 'nother story... I was essentially dialed in well and could consistently hit ~80% brewhouse efficiency over the last 15 batches or so.. Borrowed a friend's keggles (not very different from my...