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  1. B

    Repitching yeast

    I captured yeast from my new chronical, put it on the fridge, now do I just pour off the beer and dump the rest into my new batch or do I separate the yeast further? (Everything was sanitized prior to capturing the yeast.)
  2. Aróchito

    Re-brewing a Weak Cider. Pointers??

    Hello folks, Not sure why, but after following the same recipe (with a different yeast with high abv potential and different brand of juice) I made a weaker cider than I would have liked. My guess is 2-3%abv (as I didn't take a gravity reading) when last time the same recipe ended up closer to...
  3. Ibrew4you

    No fermentation after re pitch

    Well, I’m about to toss this batch of cider. I had no activity after 3 days with temps of 60-65. I measured gravity and no change from OG of 1.060. I raised 5 degrees and aerated again. After a few hours of no activity I made a new yeast started and re pitched. My yeast is red Star premier...
  4. H

    Bottling 'lambic' - FG 1.014

    Hello I currently have a 'lambic' that has been sitting in a carboy for a year now. Specifically, it is NB's Dawson's Kriek extract kit with Wyeast 3278 Lambic Blend. The issue I have is that it seems to have finished at 1.014. Gravity has not changed since I last took a sample 2 months ago. Do...