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  1. nay3oni

    No boil ale, bittering hops

    Long story short, I won't be able to boil 5+ gal of water/wort with my stove for a while. So, I was wondering if I were to brew a raw ale and want to add some IBUs, what will be the best way? I've read some people will usually do first wort hopping or mash hopping, and while this is a viable...
  2. Dale Owen

    Am I wild or crazy?

    I saw this video where these fellas fermented a beer with a log. So, I'm a total yeast guy when it comes to brewing and I check it out. That seemed interesting enough, but looking around on the interweb I came across information on wild yeast on certain fruits and then I came across kveik and...
  3. D

    I made a Raw Ale, No boil beer with no hops until dry hopping.

    Heres my video off my raw ale: Anyone else made or hade a raw ale before?