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  1. F

    IPA water

    Hi all, been experimenting with a bunch of water profiles lately, I wanted to share some of my own and see what people have been using lately, think of these and which is your "go to" water profile for an american IPA and compare. Profile1: CA 99 Mg 18.20 Na 8 SO4 242.7 Cl 52.50 HCO3 16...
  2. C

    Water Adjustments - Using Distilled Water and Salts

    In EZWaterCalculator the 'Mash + Sparge Water Profile' seems to be unaffected by the sparge water if I set the sparge water to 100% distilled or RO water. For example, 3.125 gal strike water 100% distilled with 5g calcium gives a calcium ppm of 115. If I then enter 3.375 gal sparge 100%...
  3. acleanthous

    Water to grain ratio

    I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere in the forum and if so please direct me there. But I have a question about what to set my water to grain ratio for mashing at? I know there is science behind it and will affect the amount of fermentable sugars available, but I'm confused on picking a...