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  1. J

    Wanted SwissFlow SF800 for RaspberryPints - Wanted

    Looking for 6 SwissFlow SF800 flowmeters. I am planning a keezer build, and want to integrate RasberryPints into this project. Anyone have any available? I am posting from Canada.
  2. potseeslc

    Ep - 8 The Internet of Things Brewery with Philip Levin

    https://homebrewingdiy.beer/index.php/2019/10/16/episode-8-the-internet-of-things-brewery-with-philip-levin/ On this show we have dealt with a bunch of individual tech projects, but on today’s show, we are going to talk to Philip Levin all the way from Haifa Israel. Philip talks to me today...
  3. V

    Swiss Flow Meters (3)

    I have 3 unopened swiss flow meters for sale. Selling the lot for $150 with free shipping or individually for $60 each, free shipping. Heres the link to the product they cost $60 new + $20 shipping if bought direct from Swiss Flow. http://www.swissflow.com/sf800.html
  4. ClearedHot

    Temp Control via Z-Wave

    Looking for a way to simplify the BrewPiLess / Tilt builds and use my smart home outlets to actually control power to the pump in my water bath. My preferred setup would looks something like this: Tilt Hydrometer <> BLE <> RPi <> ZWave <> HUB <> Outlet > Pump Brewfather or Fermentrack would...
  5. Fred S

    RaspberryPints - Latest HW / SW as of Dec 2017 (PRi 3 B; Raspian Oct 2017)

    I have been experimenting with RaspberryPints over the last few days. (RaspberryPi was a Christmas present.) For anyone who has been trying to get RaspberryPints to work over the last few years, you know how much a challenge it can be to get it to work, if at all. This is mainly due to the newer...