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  1. V

    Color Question (Blackberry and Raspberries)

    So I have a 9 SRM base beer that is being racked onto blackberries and raspberries (20 oz even split for a 1.5 gallon batch). I am hoping for a purple / pinkish color but am scared my base beer was too dark. Any thoughts or experience? Also bonus points, has any one achieved layered colors in...
  2. V

    When Is It Considered a Sour?

    Recently just finished a Stout I did with 3 lb raspberries to 4 gallons beer and its freakin delicious. While tasting it with the fiancee she asked me so is this a stout or a sour? Just the day before we had a Raspberry Berliner Weiss that was very good but really had a similar taste profile...
  3. Burndog

    How to Calculate the fermentable sugar in fruits?

    Hello, Working on a Raspberry IPA and using 4#s of pureed raspberries added in Beersmith 2.0 as "Other" in a 6 gal batch. Raspberries are added at 90% of fermentation completion so as to let the yeast eat the available sugars and not make the beer overly sweet. And suggestions on calculating...