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  1. Positronic_Matrix

    RAPT Pill Hydrometer: Hefeweizen

    I recently purchased a RAPT Pill hydrometer. Having the fermentation revealed in detail to me completely transformed my fermentation experience. It instantly became my favorite brewing tool. I used to poke at my fermenter with anxiety for the first few days to see if anything was happening...
  2. Jean-Raphael Lavoie

    Rapt pill OG reading accuracy

    I calibrated my RAPT pill twice with the simple methode and still it's reading 0.007 lower than my hydrometer and my refractometer in wort. My hydrometer is calibrated at 68F and I do compensate for the temperature of the wort. My refractometer gives me a pretty close reading (within 0.002) of...
  3. J

    RAPT Pill - High Att: 400% and starting low gravity (.994) and increased gravity (1.006)

    I recently got an RAPT Pill and calibrated it, once in water and once in sugar water. Seemed to be working great. Started a cider (mangrove jack, apple) and had some odd readings going into it. It seems okay in the chart now but some odd readings with the Att being +400% and the odd gravity...