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  1. J

    For Sale: Home brew kit plus extras

    Mash tun, HT,LT with thermo, transfer bucket, fermentation bucket, 2 Pepsi keg's with quick connects, burner, wort chiller, cleaning items and bottle rack, extra growlers and seals. Co2 canister with gages. These items are all new and have not been used , besides the Pepsi keg's. All are 1/4...
  2. racin_ny

    DIY Simulated Brew Pub Wort Chiller Growler Display Rack

    I had a ton of growlers floating around and no where to put them. So I built a simulated wort chiller on the wall of my bar in my house. It's really a Growler Display Rack. First I bought a bunch of 3/4" black pipe fittings from Lowe's, Running's and Home Depot. I put them together to make...