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  1. RampantOctopus

    Blow Tie wacky quick disconnect?

    Does anyone here know why or what the effect of the mixed gas/liquid QD that Kegland packs in with a blowtie is? Does mixing a gas QD with a liquid pin make for a universal QD or something?
  2. P

    Quick Disconnect Does Not Turn

    Hi everyone! recently I got a plate chiller with some quick disconnects to chill my wort, and some fittings to be able to connect everything but the issue I'm having is that my 1/2" quick disconnects won't fit on my 1/2" fittings, both sets of pieces were bought on Amazon, the links are below...
  3. Crashlaz

    1 1/2" tri-clamp fittings!

    im looking for some tri-clamp style fittings. looking for a temp gauge preferably adjustable, ball valve, and just any one with this style let me know what you got and i might be interested. also any 1/2" npt quick connect fittings. putting together new brew system, just bought 30 gallon kettles...
  4. olie

    Stainless Quick Disconnects for tap hoses.

    I'm looking to add stainless quick disconnects to my taps, and also on the beer & CO2 lines. All I've been able to find are the plastic "corny" style disconnects. Anyone got a line on something they recommend? Thanks! ~Ted