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  1. V

    Found this regulator says multi gas supported?

    I found this regulator at my local home brew supplier and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. One question is how is this able to support co2/nitrogen/argon/beer gas blends? From the specs: “The Taprite regulator...
  2. Bryan312

    Odd Fermentation, Thoughts on why? Cloudy

    So I've been brewing regularly for about 4 years now and have made probably over 50 batches and this recipe is one of my tried and trues and always turns out pretty well the exact same. its a 10g batch of pale ale, I usually use US05 but only had enough for 5g so I pitched that in one and I used...
  3. nutty_gnome

    Funny smell from hops

    I sniffed at a 1/2 ounce bag of cascades in my fridge last night. The hops have been in a ziplock bag there since mid November (I guess). In addition to the usual hops smell I thought I caught a whiff of something vaguely cheesy. So the question is, is that slight scent an indication that the...