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  1. SchwiftyGlipGlop

    Yeastie boys - mead/melomel wlp775 English cider yeast

    Hi all! First time post, and research for my first mead. I have been using wlp English style cider yeast for brewing cider and plan on collecting and reusing the cider yeast potentially for a Mead/pyment. Has anyone here had any experience using 775 for a mead? After using it for a bit I’m...
  2. Kent88

    Acidifying Mead(/pyment)

    So I have a pyment I made from 6lbs of honey, a 1-gallon red wine kit, and the White Labs sweet mead strain. I think the gravity is stable now (I used some yeast nutrient and it has been sitting for a few months, will be taking a gravity reading soon). When I transfered to secondary it tasted a...