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  1. DMA

    Pressure relief valve...

    If anyone out there is in the know, would this device qualify as food safe? It would be used to bleed air from lines between kettles and pumps. Thanks in advance...
  2. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft Pump Up Your Brewday

    Sooner or later a day comes when many homebrewers decide to add a pump to their brewing system. At first most probably buy a small inexpensive pond pump to help recirculate their chiller water through some ice. Pumping ice cold water through a chiller really cuts down on the amount of time...
  3. S

    Pump motor overheating issue

    Does anyone have any experience working with pump motors? I’ve been having an issue with my pump where it overheats after ~5 minutes of spinning. The fan is doing its job to keep the outside cool but it is still shutting off. I’m thinking there is some kind of malfunction in the shut-off...
  4. B

    Riptide Pump Position Relative to Source/Destination

    I need some clarification on what the optimal position of a Riptide pump (or any pump like it) should be relative to my liquid source and destination. I know the pump needs to be below the source but by how far? Is there a general rule of thumb I can use to have the optimal height and length of...
  5. coolitfast

    Chugger pump noise fix

    Over the years we have had a lot of people with older model Chugger pumps ask why it suddenly started making noise. We put together a video showing the best way we know how to temporarily repair the pump and get your sanity back! In our experience each fix should last between 8 - 12 brews...
  6. S

    Pump Identification

    Can someone identify this pump and can it be wired for 120V ?
  7. B

    Enoitalia Euro 30 Pump

    Hey all, Fairly inexperienced and I could not find an answer anywhere... Would anyone know some trouble shooting options for a Euro 30 pump's variable speed option malfunctioning? Could it be the impeller?
  8. serum67

    California Chugger Pump (Stainless) - NEW - $75 Shipped!

    Brand new, never used SS Chugger pump. BNIB. $75 Shipped! (US Only).
  9. M

    Pump upgrade dilemma - peripheral odds and ends

    Long time homebrewer, first time poster. Sorry in advance if this sounds familiar, but I am having trouble getting a good answer on hardware and tubing size for my new Chugger Pump (which has 1/2" connections). My problem is that I hear the preferred connection size for everything related to a...
  10. J

    California FOR SALE: Ss Brewtech Homebrew System

    I have a complete homebrew system with brand new Ss Brewtech epuipment that I’m selling. I’m a professional Brewer so I don’t brew anymore at home. It’s sitting and I know someone else can benefit from it. It’s a single tier 2 burner and 2 pump system welded out of 2” square tubing. One of the...
  11. P

    pump size for a Keg washer?

    In the process to build a sankey keg washer and I was wondering what is the recommended pump size for the job. I already have chugger pump but I was told and won't do the job. I found this one: http://www.marchpump.com/pumps/beer-pumps-te-7ssb-md/ Also, does it matter if I keg wash more than 1...
  12. jonestrada

    Texas Complete 10+ Gallon Electronic/Propane HERMS Brew System

    Up for sale is my 5-12 gallon propane/electric complete brewing system. Three 16 gallon Bayou Classic kettles, controller, 2 pumps, stainless table, burner, all weldless fittings with appropriate Camlocks, Camlock hoses and ball valves included. Asking $1,000 and will also throw in the BIA...