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  1. P

    Kegco Regulator issues

    Hello, I was trying to downgrade my PSI, from 10 to 8 on my beer. I cranked the kegco knob all the way to the left and nothing happened. So I just shut off the valve, pull the pressure pin and that managed to bring the PSI needle back to 0. Now, I opened the valve again and I crank up the...
  2. Avid Artifex

    Question on F2 in Fermentor

    Hello, I have been homebrewing kombucha for a couple of months now, and I use beer bottles and bottle caps to bottle my kombucha. I used to flavor each bottle and pour the kombucha into the bottles and do my F2 in the bottles (like you normally do), but I wanted to have nothing else but smooth...
  3. sounddoc

    First brew in a Fermzilla without spunding valve - PSI too high?

    Hello! I'm doing my first brew in a Fermzilla and I'm doing it pressurized. Of course to save money, I have yet to get a spunding valve. It's rated up to 35 PSI and the PRV is supposed to relieve pressure above that. My question is should I release pressure from time to time? I just released a...
  4. N

    How low of a PSI do you need?

    Just started getting into kegging. My regulator has a range of "Order gas" at or below 500 psi. Assuming a 5 lb co2 tank and brewing a moderately carbonated ale. How low of PSI do you need be able to complete carbonation? Would there be any left to serve with?
  5. JP2013

    Kegging my first NEIPA-advice needed

    hello everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for hopefully offering your insights. I’m about to brew my first 5 gallon NEIPA (all grain), but I have a few questions about my kegging schedule. I've looked at close to 15-20 different NEIPA recipes while developing mine, and...
  6. B

    Set and Forget Carbonating Corny Keg and PSI loss

    I have two corny kegs of a blonde ale hooked up to a kegerator with a single CO2 regulator split to two gas lines . One I force carbonated by carbonating at 30 PSI for two days and then turning it down to 10PSI and letting sit for another 2 days before drinking. At that point I hooked up the...
  7. J

    7 Kegs at 25psi and I'm out of Co2, normal for 5lb tank or do I have a leak?

    Pretty much the title. I carbonate only water and kombucha, 5 gallons at a time with very little if any head space. Takes about 7 days at 25psi to fully carbonate. I was expecting to get 15-22 corny kegs out of a 5lb tank as per the micromatic website. Noticed lack of pressure today after...
  8. snarf7

    Set and forget carbing and temp

    Since this is my first time doing it I was going to use the more time consuming but less error prone method of setting it to desired PSI and leaving it for 2 weeks to stabilize. I am using this chart for my calculations My question is, will minor temperature fluctuations have much effect? I...
  9. pbfl81

    Keg / PSI / Temperature

    Hi - (First time kegging) I'd like advice on suitable chest freezer temperature and recommended PSI please for a 5gallon keg of Chinook IPA. Using a 5lb tank of Co2. I assume once i get advice on the temperature I'll be able to use a chart i found online for figuring out the PSI. Thanks.
  10. nicadrick

    Brewstand planning: Burners vs. Regulator

    I am currently moving a single BG10 burner with a 10psi regulator back and forth (HLT <-> BK) as needed during my brew day. This for obvious reasons is getting old. Planning on building a proper direct fired RIMS brewstand using 2 more of the same burners. How much more regulator do I...