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  1. R

    DIY Propper/Fast Pitch?

    Hey all, Had a question about yeast starters. I recently used a can of Propper I picked up at a local HB store for a starter, first time I used it I had previously just made starters from boiling water and adding DME. But a guy got to thinking…DME is pretty cheap and at the low end a can of...
  2. tarcrarc

    Ease My Worries

    I am stepping up a yeast starter using Propper Starter cans (for the first time). After completing the first starter (used distilled water) I cold crashed it. After decanting, I added another can of starter for the step up. However, it requires a full can of water to get to 1040. Being out of...
  3. Chorgey

    Canned Wort question (Fast Pitch/Propper)

    Quick question.... I need to make a 2L starter and only have one can of Fast Pitch. My LHBS sells Propper. Would there be any harm in me mixing one can of each to make the 2L starter? Cheers!