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  1. E

    For Sale Livermore Ca - Brewing equipment and kegerator

    I'm getting rid of all my home brew equipment. Asking $200 for the whole lot. Pick up only. Only want part of it? Let's talk. Three 7 gallon glass carboys Copper Wort Chiller Outdoor Propane cooker 30 liter Cooking kettle, stainless with spigot and lid Bottle capper Bottle caps...
  2. N

    Single Tier RIMS system for sale

    For sale 15 gallon single tier RIMS system. Custom brew stand with 3 Bayou Classic BG14 Banjo Burner 10 inch diameter and 30lb propane tank include. Duda Diesel B3-12A 20 Plate Heat Exchanger included but not pictured. Asking $850 Local pick up only, Richfield, Ohio.
  3. Sambecker1

    Blichmann Top Tier, Burners, Boilermakers and various items

    Central PA Blichmann Top Tier $400 Blichmann Boilermaker 20g with false bottom and sparge arm $350.00 Blichmann Boilermaker 20g boil kettle with whirlpool fitting $300 Blichmann burners 2 $100 each Blichmann Top Tier shelf $50 (New in box) Blichmann 14g Fermenator with blow off kit (blow off...
  4. mcmichaelangelo

    Converted to E, selling kettles, pumps, etc.

    I converted from propane to electric via turnkey and am selling the older stuff: 15-gallon stainless HLT (Morebeer; includes thermometer but does not include ball valve): $125 15-gallon stainless MT w/ false bottom and sparge arm (Morebeer; includes thermometer but does not include ball valve)...
  5. Wreck99

    3 vessel propane complete system (Charlotte) - $2500

    Selling my current rig so I can pay for the remaining pieces of my new build. Asking $2500 everything included. Local pickup only because shipping all of this would be a nightmare. I live about 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. I'm switching to electric so I won't be needing this setup in the...
  6. N

    Should I use/return this Concord babjo burner?

    Hey guys, I decided to switch to outdoor boiling so I bought a propane burner from Concord. There are three jets (I think that's what they're called) broken off and a small drill hole. I'm brewing in a few hours and I got my pots and buckets soaking right now but I won't get my propane until...
  7. S

    New Burner with low heat problems

    hi guys! I am new to all grain brewing and I just got the Brewers Best Element burner that is rated at 150,000 btus and claims it can boil 20 gallons of water in under an hour.. well I just tried it this weekend and it took over an hour to boil 4 gallons of water. After much research I’m...
  8. jasoux

    Minnesota Brew Equipment For Sale

    Hi All, I am selling off my brew rig and several other brewing items. Below is the Craigslist post. **Local pickup preferred, will consider shipping** I have accumulated extra brewing equipment over the...
  9. Croesius

    Burner head with errant holes, safe?

    Ordered some burner heads for my brew stand build, but when they arrived today, it looks like there was some misalignment when they were drilling out the holes. There's one place where the drilling went clear through, and several other divots where it was partially drilled. My question is one...